I’m a semi-retired bloke who enjoys drinking wine, smoking roll-ups, listening to music and annoying the self-righteous busybodies who seem to proliferate these days.

As I approach my allotted three score years and ten, I remain one of those many anomalies that the anti-smoking brigade can’t explain, so choose to ignore the existence of – the healthy smoker. Because according to them I should be a sick and broken man (if not dead already), with blackened and gangrenous toes falling off, a hole in my throat, lying on a hospital bed with multiple tubes sticking out of me and much much more. But in defiance of all their doom-laden predictions, more than fifty years of smoking has had no discernible ill-effects on me. This could of course all change – at 68, health issues have a tendency to rear their ugly heads, whatever lifestyle one might have chosen to follow. However, as things stand, I’m in pretty good shape.

This initial preamble might give you a clue as to my opinion of the juggernaut that is ‘Tobacco Control’. And this attitude will probably inform many of the essays which I hope to post on this blog. I don’t react well to lies, exaggeration, baseless propaganda and bullying coercion, all tactics employed enthusiastically by the anti-smoking industry. And let us be under no misapprehensions about this, it is an industry. A huge, multi-billion dollar industry that makes a lot of money for a lot of people. Tobacco Control (the name says it all) are professional anti-smokers. It’s what they do for a living, and they make good money out of it.

I have no formal qualifications apart from a couple of ‘O’ levels because I left school at the tender age of sixteen. However, I have travelled extensively, which has given me a wealth of experience.

I currently live in Greece.

I sometimes tweet if I haven’t been oiled recently. You can find me on Twitter @nisakiman