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  1. I’m probably trying to teach you to suck eggs here but here goes.

    I suspect your best bet might be to upgrade to 4GB rather than 8GB. Cheaper to buy 1GB RAM obviously but there are other reasons too:

    4GB is the addressability limit for 32 bit operating systems and 32 bit applications. I have a tower PC that’s about 9 years old. The natural RAM limit on most machines back then was 4GB and my motherboard is actually limited to a maximum of 4GB (either 2×2 or 4×1) although I only use 3GB.

    Sorry if I’m laying this on a bit thick but each byte of RAM needs its own address and each address, in 32bit mode, is comprised of 32 bits (each in 1 of 2 states). Hence the maximum number of addresses is 2 raised to the power 32 = 4,294,967,296 – ie 4GB.

    Before laying out for 4×2 GB RAM, I suggest checking your motherboard specification. You may have the PC manufacturers hardware manual in soft-copy on your PC or you may need to search the internet for the motherboard make and model. Also check you’re using Windows7 in 64bit mode and that the applications you use are also 64bit.

    If you are suffering from shortage of RAM then your hard drive light (on front of tower) will be almost permanently lit. Although even if it is, it doesn’t prove you have a RAM shortage.

    In the meantime, I suggest you try to run only one application at a time and with photo software try to work with only one photo at a time. You can probably get all sorts of (free) monitoring applications to assist diagnosis but I’m afraid I’m not familiar with Windows7 (I use 64bit Ubuntu) so I can’t advise.

    Anyway, good luck!

  2. It’s old, but has a 64×2 chip:

    These are the specs (before the memory card was removed and the monitor replaced).

  3. Actually as I understand it 3GB of RAM is all that a 32bit OS can see. I know that’s true for Win XP 32bit. But Kevin is running Win 7 64bit so that’s moot.

    You might be thinking of the filesize limit for FAT32 formatted disks, which is 4GB (or actually a fraction (frame or something?) under that.
    exFat and NTFS (in Wndows, plus all the Linux formats and likely OSX’s HFS+ etc.) don’t have that limit. I got caught out with it copying a >4GB video file to an external disk.

    I’ve found his manual (Asus M3A78-EH) and sent it to him. It will take 8GB in 4 slots.
    So now it’s a matter of finding pairs to run in dual channel mode instead of a motley lot of singles. I’ve suggested that if he has an identical pair of 1GB then he could try a new pair of 2GB to take it to 6GB, but it will run at the slower speed (as it happens his are) of the 1GB pair, and there can still sometimes be compatibility issues between vendors…

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