Olive oil — 13 Comments

  1. Great insight, as usual. As you might remember, it was only popular among some people in Australia before it became trendy. At home, our salads were always dry. My mother considered salad dressing to be vulgar (perhaps because it came in a bottle from some industrial plant).

    I can’t fathom why it’s so popular in .lx. Perhaps because they can afford it.

  2. One of the things my adulterous liaison with a French girl left me with was an abiding love of Olive Oil. Unfortunately, German that she is, The Bestes Frau hates the stuff-always has. So the only sort of oil in my kitchen is the sort I would run a car off (don’t do that btw unless you really know what you are doing, I didn’t). Sometimes I get the urge to be a bit fancy and pay extra for oil made from real actual vegetables or corn…..

    Fascinating piece as always Nis. I reckon with the approaching Zombie Apocalypse here the Greek government should be employing you to write “Go East OLD Man” pieces.

  3. I don’t remember ever seeing olive oil in Oz when I was there in the ’70s. It would seem, though, that Australia now grows olives, and some of their oils have won prestigious prizes for quality. Mind you, it’s not that surprising really. With their Southern European immigrant heritage and the climatic conditions available, things like top quality wine and olive oil are a natural progression. The same applies to the USA, who also now produce top quality olive oil, in addition to their wines.

    Yes, I was a bit perplexed about Luxembourg, although you may be on the nail with your possible explanation. They probably only consume top-shelf stuff, too!

  4. “You should buy a sneaky bottle of the good stuff and keep it just for yourself!”

    Of course, silly me, why didn’t I think of that before, duh!? Maybe because I’m married to a paranoid psychotic for whom everyday things can have great, and usually evil, meaning? If she saw I had a bottle of Olive Oil she would assume (as far as anyone can 2nd guess a psychotic-which is a mug’s game at best) I was hankering after that Parisian girl. And hiding said bottle from her psychotic’s X-Ray vision would only confirm her fears. 😛 (to demonstrate I’m just telling you how it is, not getting at you for your not knowing much about life with people who are challenged by whichever reality they find themselves in today).

  5. The chockos had gallons of it everywhere if you looked into one of their delicatessens. Weird shit. We used lard and then moved onto solid vegetable oil for cooking.

    I have only been to .lx a couple of times but noticed that Italian food is extremely popular (judging by my receipts). Vaguely recall that they had an influx from the Med post WWII.

    Strange place. I can speak German and a bit of French, but they have both plus their own.
    Their shops aren’t open on Sundays but their supermarkets say things such as “Les bons plans du week end”. However:
    In the supermarket Auchan, you can order booze from your car and pick it up in their carpark, they put it into your boot for you.
    Leffe blonde 4 x 0.5l 5.50
    Bitburger 0.5l 0.69
    Jaegermeister 0.7l 9.35
    Ricard Patis 1.0l 13.30
    Couldn’t find the olive oil.

  6. That historical aspect has fascinated me for ages. Which Central American experimenter decided to take the nasty tasting red berries off a bush, roast them, grind up the resultant black things, add hot water to the powder and drink it? And aren’t there poisonous stages in the production of chocolate?

  7. Sure. I bet there’s a great deal of ‘olive oil snobbery’ in the smart houses in New York and London.