The In-Laws – Reprise — 5 Comments

  1. Your writing talent is wasted in retirement in Luxury and wall-to-wall sunshine….and your French M-I_l sounds like a toned down version of my late Prussian, and rabid baptist, one. Took over 20 years before she admitted by mistake one day that she’d actually grown to like me over the years.

  2. ...she’d actually grown to like me over the years.

    I never got that far, I don’t think. If she did like me, she kept it damn well concealed. ‘Tolerated’ would be about the pinnacle I achieved, I reckon.

  3. My late outlaws and I got on fine. It may have been because I’m a thoroughly nice chap but is more likely to have been through a sense of relief because they both hated the memsahib’s ex.

  4. Is there a way to be notified of any new posts? My first mother in law was a strict Irish Catholic, I was not and everytime we went to visit she would throw holy water after us in the hope it would convert me! My then husband had long given up religion after his experience of Christian Brothers school. My second was ok, when I first met her I overheard her saying to my sister in law, “I won’t cross that one” very wise but in the end we got on really well though I dont know how it would have worked if we had lived near each other. I suppose in most cases we can tolerate each other as long as we don’t live too close..

  5. I didn’t have a clue about notifications (shows how tech-savvy I am), so I asked the Meister (aka Grandad), and he will stick a button or something on the site to enable notifications sometime in the near future.

    Yes, I think it’s as you say – the secret to surviving in-laws is to live far enough away that you don’t see too much of them.