Greece and Marijuana – The Next Stage? — 7 Comments

  1. “There is salvation for Greece in this if the politicians are brave enough to grasp the nettle”

    The Greeks are going to win hash from nettles?! Oh the wonders and magic of science!

    Seriously though you may very well be right about it having the potential to pull the Greece out of it’s financial black hole…if Greek politicians don’t manage to balls it up….

  2. Yes, well that’s always the worry, isn’t it? Greek politicians are as venal and clueless as politicians the world over…

  3. Did some Canadian (female) politician recently say she’d be fine with someone smoking a joint in a restaurant but not a cigarette? That could quite easily be a downside of Greece liberalising the cannabis laws. I don’t know what greek hash heads are like but all of tokers these days seem to be very anti tobacco.

    which has been subject to the same sort of misinformation and negative propaganda Yes…but then again a packet of smokes has never made me want to go out and kill someone. One good joint and I become a danger to myself and everyone around me. (I am aware that it isn’t the dope’s fault as such but it does trigger something in me as can alcohol in the right amounts). Maybe something akin to the effects of that stop-smoking drug that turns people into psychotics, into ‘murder/suicide’ killers.

  4. Heh! Yes, my ‘demon doper’ days are well behind me, but I still am a great advocate for legalisation of weed in all its forms.

    Actually, I’m an advocate for the legalisation of all drugs, bar none. But that’s another issue altogether.

    On this particular story, though, I see moving into this industry as having nothing but beneficial outcomes for Greece. And I would love to see my adopted country climb out of this economic shithole that it finds itself in.

  5. Well all, without exception, of the Greek tokers I’ve known (and I’ve known a few) have smoked tobacco. And that applies, to a slightly lesser extent, to all the Brit dopers I’ve known (and I’ve known a lot of them). But I’ve known quite a few American tokers who hate tobacco. Even back in the sixties I knew Americans who thought tobacco was evil, but smoked dope like it was going out of fashion.

    So, to answer your musings, I don’t see Greek tokers becoming anti-tobacco anytime soon.