The ‘Hood — 7 Comments

  1. Excellent piece Nis and it brightened my afternoon (which badly needed some 3rd hand sunshine…carcinogen that it is ). I, for one, would be kinda interested to know how your neighbours would describe you…that Brit who actually cares what the outside of his house looks like and who is so loaded he can afford to import real plastic pigeon spikes 😛

    That said suddenly I begin to wonder how my neighbours would describe me….uhm let’s not go there.

  2. I’ve got no idea how my neighbours perceive me. I think they probably find me somewhat enigmatic, because although I’ve got to know them, and I’m always friendly and polite, I prefer not to get too involved. Plus of course they are intrigued by the fact that my wife is very obviously Asian, and frustrated that she doesn’t speak Greek, because they’d like nothing better than to interrogate her about her family, home, and what the hell she’s doing in Greece. Alas, the only response they get to their questions is a blank look and a smile. I’ve given them snippets, but that has only whetted their appetites. 🙂

    But it’s ok. I could have done a lot worse for immediate neighbours. I’ve only had one real confrontation, with a woman who lives at the back of me – I was out in the street wearing nothing more than a pair of boxers (it was the hot spell) having a shouting match with her. Georgos from across the road came out and mediated. He actually took my side, which was unexpected, me being the foreigner an’ all. Anyway, it was resolved, and the woman smiles and says hello now.

  3. Apart from the Chinese who have the cheap clothes shops, no. And they speak Mandarin, which my wife doesn’t understand. And to be honest, Gary, she’s not too bothered. She chats to her friends back in Thailand, often with video link, on a regular basis; likewise her folks, so she doesn’t feel isolated.

  4. WONDERFUL intro to your home Nisaki! 🙂 My own “settling in” period here in Philly after some dislocation last year has extended but I still have hopes of making it over there for a visit at some point. Sad to say, I’ll be one of those non-Greek-speakers but by the time my butt actually grows enough wings to fly me there we’ll probably have nice little portable speech translators to carry around with us! (Actually, I think we may ALREADY have such a thing as an App for Smartphones???)