Bloody Firefox — 21 Comments

  1. I feel your pain. Infact I have gone back to using Chrome , which also sucks donkey cock but not half as bad as firefox. I don’t even bother installing it these days, sluggish nannying bloatware it has become…and I’d been using it since it came out in beta. My other pet hate atm is wordpress…i have lost count of the number of blogs it won’t let me post on…funnily enough all of them wordpress blogs where Grandad isn’t sysop….strange that…

  2. Well I’ve now dumped Firefucks, after years of loyalty to it. After some research, I found another browser that uses the Firefox platform, but unlike the new version of Firefox, allows third party add-ons. It’s called ‘Waterfox’ (geddit?), and it looks just like Firefox, but so far without the annoying bits. I’ll see how it runs. However, I was able to install the ‘BlackFox V2 – Blue’ theme, and also the ‘tabs on bottom’ add-on, so now my browser looks and works like it used to.

    I haven’t had any problems with WordPress, though. I can comment on other WP sites without a problem. Not sure why you’re having problems with it. Have you asked GD about it? He may have some ideas for you to look at.

  3. Waterfox (oh the wit!)looks interesting thanks but it’ll have to wait until I update to a 64 bitty machine . I’ve asked Grandad about WP but you know him, all he says is ‘Mint is the answer, now what was the problem?’

  4. You should just make your peace with the new layout. It’s worth it for such a good browser.
    If you really want, I can send you an older version so you can install it and turn off automatic updates. It seems a bit backward though
    There is another browser out that was written by the guy originally behind Firefox apparently, but I forget what it’s called. It’s supposed to be good and I was going to try it out but didn’t bother. I’m sure a Google would turn it up
    For all it’s faults, I’ve never found a browser I’ve gotten on with as much as Firefox. At least since Netscape Navigator

  5. No, I couldn’t cope with it. It pissed me off every time I looked at it, and it pissed me off even more that the new version won’t support third-party add-ons.

    Anyway, as I said in my reply to BD a little earlier, I’ve now installed ‘Waterfox’, which is almost exactly the same as FF, but enabled me to reinstall the add-ons I want. So I now have a clear and easy to read layout in an aesthetically pleasing skin and my tabs back where they should be, under the address bar. And it seems, so far, to work just as well as FF.

  6. I felt exactly as you do, for about 30 minutes after Firefox updated itself to ‘Quantum’.

    The reason I run Firefox as a daily driver father than Safari is to do with privacy — there is simply way more privacy available with Firefox, particularly with cookie-auto-deletion extensions — there’s nothing like this available for Safari. But Safari has always been massively faster (by orders of magnitude, and not remotely subtle).

    Yes, I had to update and substitute some extensions. And I had to alter the look of it — the default theme is shocking. The sharp-cornered tabs are a bit much, frankly, not that there’s anything that can be done about that at the moment.

    Personally, I don’t mind tabs-above-URL — sort makes sense, as each active tab has it’s own URL — it’s part of the tab rather than the container window — but up to you, obviously.

    Having done all that, I relaunched it, and I was shocked. It flies. And it doesn’t slow down under load — I usually spend the working day with 2-3 windows open or minimised, with perhaps 10-15 active tabs in each. It seems on a par with Safari and I find this a huge improvement. I’ve just tried Waterfox — it’s like swimming in porridge by comparison, and it distorts images.

    My add-on set is:

    * Theme: Gradient (better than either of the default options, with enough contrast)
    * 1Password
    * Adblock Plus
    * Cookie AutoDelete
    * Disable HTML5 Autoplay
    * Disconnect
    * Privacy Badger
    * Referrer Control

    Works a treat for me.

    And while I’m here, I’d like to congratulate you on a superb and eminently readable blog. I’ve visited Greece regularly since 1976, and you manage to capture the feel of it, with all its fabulous logical chaos. I get fed up with the MSM stereotype of Greeks as lazy, irascible and insouciant — I’ve often found them almost teutonic about the detail of stuff. They tend to solve problems in a calm and logical way, and their fixes tend to work, even if sometimes unorthodox. And to those who think Greeks are poor time-keepers, try arriving late for a ferry…

    Long may you write.


  7. I’m using Opera on my desktop and Firefox on my laptop; I seem to have this built-in wish to make things confusing . . . I still use Thunderbird for mail but cross my fingers at update time since it doing so made a total bollox of my email a couple of years ago.

  8. It’s called ‘Brave’ and after another blogger mentioned it this week ( apologies to him,I forget who it was) I downloaded it to try. It’s not very good I’m afraid, runs like a bag of nails. Give it a few more years it might well be worth using.

  9. Praise indeed. I shall really have to get around to reverting this 64 bit lappy (uses Win7 32bit atm) back to 64…really I will…this coming week…sometime…maybe….perhaps

  10. I have to agree that the sharp cornered tabs were horrible. I don’t use my computer for work, so I rarely have more than one window open, and maybe two or three tabs, so speed isn’t really an issue. I junked AdBlock plus some time ago in favour of UBlock, partly because it has an anti-anti-adblock feature, which works on quite a lot of sites that won’t let you access their page unless you disable your adblocker. It doesn’t work on all sites, but enough for it to be a useful feature. When I was researching adblockers, I found out that AdBlock Plus sells white-listing to some companies, and lets their ads through, the sneaky bastards!

    Thanks for the complimentary comment about the blog – yes, the Greeks don’t fit the stereotype portrayed – they are much more complex! One of the things I like about them is that they will fix stuff that in UK would just be replaced. And if they can’t get the part they need, if it’s possible, they’ll make it.

  11. Yes, I like it. And it was just so easy to set up. One click, and it imported the whole kit and caboodle from Firefox; bookmarks, extensions, add-ons, tool bar, the lot. But what I like most of all is the fact I can use the add-ons that FF no longer supports.

  12. It’s somehow connected to FF, because not only does it use the FF platform, but I came across it on the Mozilla site, and it was suggested by one of the mods there to someone who was similarly pissed off that their add-ons no longer worked.

  13. “in UK would just be replaced. And if they can’t get the part they need, if it’s possible, they’ll make it.”

    One of many things I dislike about the EU , for all my remainerism, is the loss of the ‘make do and mend’ culture throughout ‘advanced’ European nations. Everything has to be ‘tested’, ‘type approved’. All very sensible and Health & Safety conscious of course and helps prevent people who don’t know what they are doing killing and maiming innocents. But it comes at a cost…and that cost is the loss of personal’intuitive’ and responsibility.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t pine for the days when you could tell a carpenter’s experience levels by the number of missing digits or even limbs, nor do I want to worry when I sit in a restaurant that the nail the owner used instead of a fuse will cause us all to fry along with the deep fat fryer. But when my mechanic tells me he can’t get a part and that he isn’t allowed to tell me to go to the scrap yard …sorry ‘approved vehicular recycling centre’ and look for a totally different model and make of a car that happened to have a part that actually would do the job….