Paradise Lost — 9 Comments

  1. “The shadow chancellor John McDonnell said in response to the Paradise Papers” . . . insert predictable Lefty cliché of choice here . . .

  2. I can see that the “supranational, unelected leaders of the planet” might gain from the “paradise” leak/hack. But what about the other major league leaks of recent years? e.g. Climategate, Wikileaks on Clinton, on Afghanistan and more (I’ll exclude the theft of documents from BAT that led to the MSA as I think the anti-smoking industry had such a clear motive).
    I don’t claim to know but a case could be made for Russian or Chinese spying.
    Perhaps even Indian?
    Many western companies these days outsource their IT to India either directly to an Indian company or through an intermediary IT service provider that in turn passes everything to an Indian company.
    My impression is that CEOs of western companies have no understanding of the critical importance of their own data and don’t realise that the outsource company will have workers with no allegiance and virtually no chance of being caught. Leaking the data might not even be a serious offence locally.

  3. One thing I find quite sinister about this affair is the Investigative Journalists have thus far refused to hand over any part of their findings to any tax authority.

    I know the UK tax people have asked and been rebuffed, same I believe with Germany.

    Seems they’re just cherry picking, using the big name companies and individuals to gain attention for themselves and to embarrass their chosen ones.

    There are thousands of people caught up in their sting, presumably the majority don’t warrant any attention.

  4. Yes, you have a point, but there isn’t necessarily any connection (politically) between the Climategate, Wikileaks etc hacks and the current Paradise Papers leak. They were all motivated by an agenda, sure, but not necessarily the same agenda. With this one, I can’t put my finger on why these details are being leaked, and who stands to gain from their publication. The other hacks you mention all had a fairly clear political motive which was easily pinpointed.

  5. I didn’t realise they were refusing to hand the details to the tax people, although it appears that most, if not all, have no case to answer as far as tax evasion is concerned.

    I’m still searching for a motive, though. I can’t even see a common thread among the people exposed, apart from the fact that they’re very wealthy. But apart from that, there isn’t anything I can think of to connect, for instance, Lewis Hamilton and the Queen (who as far as I know isn’t actually obliged to pay tax anyway, but does so voluntarily).