On The Road To Perdition — 5 Comments

  1. “I got shown round all the drying and curing racks,”

    SO let me get this straight; you somehow manage to keep the business card of some 2-bit Turk gangster for 50 years but didn’t think to take a roll of film of that tobacco farm (using a decent camera) to show the Blocked Dwarf 50 years down the line and who would have been fascinated , absolutely enthralled?

    I am reminded of an incident in a German bar just after the wars in the country formerly known as ‘Yugo-SAGA-IA (my grandparents raved about somewhere with the unlikely name of ‘Split’). The Yugo Mafias of whatever flavour of Yugo had swept all before them in Germany. One night a Yugo gunman was showing off his new 9mm in the bar and when he’d finished shoved it down the front of his trousers…the rest writes itself.

  2. Reminds me of the time we went to Turkey from Teheran for a short break in Dec. 1978, we just wanted a few nights out without all the curfews. There had been a series of strikes, the hotel was freezing and I couldn’t find anything to eat I liked. Down town I saw this cafe selling chips and we went in. There were lots of girls and men coming and going, it slowly dawned on us it was some sort of brothel! not that I cared as long as I got the chips. When we were leaving to go back to Teheran they all thought we were insane.

  3. I actually thought of you when I was writing that bit, BD. 🙂 Had I owned a camera back then, I would undoubtedly have taken a few pics, in the knowledge that at some point in the future I would have a Norfolk dwarf demanding a pictorial history. However, cameras were a luxury beyond my means.

    Yes, the perils of keeping a gun in your trouser belt is something of a recurring theme. I read a year or two ago when I was in Thailand about a wannabe gangster there who managed to emasculate himself in the same fashion as your Yugoslav. Doesn’t bear thinking about…

  4. A knocking shop with built in chippy?! Sheer bloody genius! Nothing but nothing reviveth a flagging man’s spirits as chips or a bacon butty.