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  1. In a more civilized time I smoked through the my pregnancy and would not have got through a very long labour without them, you could smoke in hospitals then! No one thought anything of it. Didn’t drink a lot but did as normal at parties and nights out. Baby was full term and fine with no health problems growing big up. It’s all a lot of nonsense, once involved in that line the only babies I have seen affected by foetal alcohol syndrome were born of serious alcoholics not normal drinkers.

  2. “The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

    – Wolfy , the Children’s friend.

    My Aged Mother recounts being instructed by her GP, when pregnant with me, to drink a bottle of Guinness a day….as much to make up for the misery of the salt-free diet he put her on I think as ‘for the iron’.

  3. “No, they aren’t ‘our’ kids, they are (or in my case were, when they were young) MY kids.”
    You haven’t met the Schottische Nazionalishe Partei yet, then?

  4. Ah yes, the ‘Named Person’ scheme. A rather chilling development, and one I would never have expected to see in the British Isles. Yes, it would seem that the National Socialist Scottish Workers’ Party is continuing the tradition.

  5. When my mother was pregnant with me, and for some time after the birth when she was breastfeeding, she was also under instructions to drink a bottle of Guinness a day. And after I was born, the doctor suggested to her that it would be a good idea to give me one or two teaspoons of Guinness daily too, both for the iron and to assist in my sleeping better.

    I’ve never looked back…

  6. That’s a new one on me, Gary. But then I’m not really familiar with the writings of Plato, I have to admit. Philosophy never was my strong point.

  7. Oh dear. If you don’t want public health to decide whats best for your kids, you must be a terrible parent who is ok with kids dropping dead from booze and fags and stuff
    Shame on you. The state knows better

  8. I was born just after the war when a non-smoker was considered to be a freak of nature, so I just ask these hysterical propagandists to explain how the hell did the post-war baby boom happen? They never have an answer.

  9. There’s a shop round the corner sells sack-cloth and ashes. I’ll pop round there first thing in the morning.

  10. Not only that, but we are also the healthiest and longest-lived generation ever. When you think about the fug of smoke we grew up in, and then listen to the snowflakes whimpering about encountering a wisp of smoke in the street, it really makes you wonder how brainless they are. I mean…..can’t they put two and two together?

  11. “we are also the healthiest and longest-lived generation ever.”

    But what of the mollycoddled present generations? Their upbringing in near-sterile cleanliness, sell-by dates and smoke-free air is already resulting in allergies, asthma and so on which we oldies rarely encountered. Are they all going to peg it early: is that the plan?

  12. When I was at school (80s) there was, by law, one kid in every class who was asthmatic…sometimes he was also the mandatory Fat Kid and most parents would have smoked in the home and some teachers still smoked in the classroom.

    Now it seems every kid in a classroom is Asthmatic, Aspie or has ADHD.

  13. My mother told me that in 1951, when I was a baby in a cradle, she sat next to me and smoked cigarettes while reading a book and the blue smoke wafted around me. She also smoked when she was pregnant and she gave birth to 4 other healthy children after I was born.

    I’m 66 now and I’m very healthy – and smoking and drinking. I never engaged in any sport. Jogging is stupid. Our distant ancestors only jogged when trying to kill an animal, never for fun.

    Nobody in my family ever did any sport and they all lived to a ripe old age (they passed away in their eighties and nineties) and all of them smoked to the very end.

    I remember that smoking was allowed in school during breaks on condition that the student was 16 years old. I attended a school in Belgium and I’m talking about the period 1963-1969. At university, almost everyone smoked. During oral exams when the student was alone in one room face to face with the professor, smoking was allowed in order to calm the nerves. The professor also smoked. (1969-1974 when I studied law at the university of Leuven, Belgium.

    When I practised law as a barrister in Belgian courts, one was allowed to smoke outside the courtroom. Some judges adjourned for ten minutes in order to allow people to smoke.

    Off topic: Two days before she died my mother told me that she had shot and killed a Gestapo man during the war, because he had tortured and killed her girlfriend who was working for the resistance.

    One of her British girlfriends was a pilot during the war, look here

  14. Off topic: Two days before she died my mother told me that she had shot and killed a Gestapo man during the war, because he had tortured and killed her girlfriend who was working for the resistance.

    I’m sorry Dirk but you can’t just wander in here, drop that little nugget and then go back to your Chimay and Wervik. That screams for a proper write up and posting either on your own blog if you have one or ask Nik if he’ll allow it as a guest post.

    Bloody foreigners, coming over here and stealing Nisaki’s thunder with their tales of wartime parental daring-do!

  15. Blocked Dwarf, my mother’s courageous act was not unique. Many Belgians were active. I can’t say more about this, because I don’t know any more details. I was just one sentence she said before falling into a coma and dying.
    Assassination of key figures in the hierarchy of German and collaborationist hierarchy became increasingly common through 1944. In July 1944, the Légion Belge assassinated the brother of Leon Degrelle, head of the collaborationist Rexist Party and leading Belgian fascist. Informants and suspected double agents were also targeted; the Communist Partisans Armés claimed to have killed over 1,000 traitors between June and September 1944.
    And: equipped with only a lamp, pliers and a pistol, these three young men rescued hundreds of Jews from a train heading for Auschwitz and almost certain death. Robert Maistriau, the last survivor of the three, tells Ian Black about their extraordinary act of wartime resistance.,3604,980276,00.html

  16. I can’t say more about this, because I don’t know any more details. I was just one sentence she said before falling into a coma and dying.

    I am truly sorry to hear that. Such a shame your mother never felt about to tell you whilst she was able to recount it in detail (possibly unwarranted fears of prosecution or catholic guilt ?). Have you researched it though? The killing of a Gestapo officer would surely have left traces if only due to the reprisals inflicted upon the general population.

    I am well aware, as are most Brits since ‘Secret Army’ (a tv program here in the 70’s), of the amazing bravery of the Belgians under occupation (and the Dutch and the French too for that matter, along with more of the German population than one might imagine). Perhaps if England had been occupied as were the Benelux then there might be less appetite for Brexϟϟhite and Brits might have more understanding of the almost pathological desire of the post war generation of EU politicians, such as Juncker, to never “go back”.