Patras? But why? — 5 Comments

  1. “Fuck me, yes, yes, yes! That’s me! That’s me! What the fuck is going on? Did I go to sleep in Greece and wake in Germany?”

    (although sadly the whole ‘Teutonic Punctuality’, the ‘Prussian Virtue’, is now a bit of a myth. German tradesmen have acquired British habits…I blame the EU).

  2. I think the lazy tardy Greek is a useless stereotype much like the drunken Irish. But there is a commonality between the Greeks and the Irish and to my mind, it is the more relaxed approach to life. In Ireland, people make appointments using the addition of “ish” as in, I see you around seven-ish. The other beauty is, “I’ll give you a shout next week,” and that does mean sometime during the full seven days. The arrangements are loose but everything does get done nevertheless.
    I would use the Irish phrase, “efficient enough,” to describe Greece, (from the little I know).

  3. It is nice, Gary. Even at the moment, when it’s mind-numbingly hot, we get a bit of an offshore breeze which makes it a bit more bearable. And if the heat gets too much, we have mountains behind us, and a half-hour or so drive will take you to a highland village with much cooler temperatures where you can sit a a café with a cold beer and a ciggy.

    One weekend during September, they turn the centre of town into a go-kart racetrack, and karters come from far and wide to try their luck. I haven’t managed to catch it yet, as I’ve never been here during the event, but I’ll be there this year. A good day out, by all accounts.

  4. I moved to patra a year ago from Canada and opened a store – SWANK on Votsi
    No native English speakers here. Very surprised. Love to go out for food and drinks but friends are a little scarce in Patra