Hot hot hot — 11 Comments

  1. I understand exactly how your wife feels, I don’t know how I could cope with a temperature of 42 degrees and I think she is very resourceful in trying to deal with it, no matter how “crackpot” you may consider her methods.

    My husband looks at me as if I’m simple when I say I’m freezing cold and he tells me that the temperature in the house is perfectly fine, that is until he feels my hands.

    It’s sometimes hard living with someone who runs at a different temperature to you, so be more understanding and get on with having that air con fitted before she melts.

  2. “the past couple of months have been consistently in the mid to high 30s, with the odd spell of 40° plus”

    Oh just shut the fuck up already! Cheapish fags, loose smoking bans and SUNSHINE?! Greece sounds like paradise…if it wasn’t full of ExPat Brits and an alphabet that should have evolved from scratches on clay tablets by now 😛

  3. I consider myself suitably chastised, Rose! 🙂

    What I don’t understand is that where my wife was born and raised, the temperatures are regularly in the high 30s, and quite often get up to 40°, so I would have thought that she’d be comfortable with it. She also hates the cold. A bit of a Goldilocks I guess – not too hot, not too cold…

  4. I’ve yet to find an expat Brit here in Patra, oddly enough. I’m sure there must be some, but if there are, there aren’t many of them.

    And I rather like the Greek script. Once you know the rules, it’s phonetic, which makes for reasonably easy learning of the spoken language (he says, still struggling to get to grips with the language fifteen years on…). But if you can read it, you can say it, and be understood. No ‘through’, ‘cough’, ‘plough’, ‘dough’, ‘rough’ problems here!

  5. I was very surprised a couple of years when my next door neighbours came home from a family trip to India visiting relatives. I asked them if they’d had a good time and apparently they’d all found the heat unbearable and the children had been ill all the time. Which hadn’t occured to me as a possibiliy.
    Mind you, the family has been here since the 60’s.

  6. If your wife can freeze a great deal of ice – and if you’re not affected by very high levels of humidity, water based air coolers are a compromise, or even a supplement to the air-con.

    And here’s a supplier in Greece:

    The good bit is they do reduce the air temperature coming out the machine by 3 to 5 degrees, so they’re fine for sitting in one place with the air blowing over you.

    The drawbacks are:

    1). The ice melts within an hour, then it’s just a normal fan.

    2). The process of evaporation means it raises the level of humidity in the room.

    3). The cheap ones go phut after a couple of seasons.

    The good news is your weather breaks on Sunday.

  7. Water based air coolers are available here, but they are really only effective at less than 50% humidity, and here it is normally above 50% (it’s actually only 35% at the moment, but tonight it will be up to 65%), so their efficacy is as much down to the placebo effect as any actual cooling. Anyway, I got the unit(s) this morning. I ended up getting a 12000 BTU jobby, as it was only another €50 more than the 9000, and fitting costs are the same.

  8. Well it’s the middle of summer here and it’s still pissing it down. I’d take any kind of sunshine over this. The only reason I’m brown is because I’m going rusty

  9. Really enjoying your blog, just wish you could send some of that sunshine over here.
    Carol x