Greece and marijuana — 16 Comments

  1. Though I haven’t smoked a joint I know guys here that do and they swear by it. A mate of mine grows his own and often has Gin & Hash nights with water pipes even. The Dutch and Portuguese discovered that when you legalize it you take the mystique out of it and are left with the true responsible users.

  2. I wonder what the EU’s stance on cannabis is? I imagine that they’re pretty much opposed to it, as they’re such a health-obsessed bunch – but if the production of cannabis offers a chance for the Greek economy to get back on its feet, it might well be worth their backing down and saving Greek from further austerity measures and the inevitable objections of the Greek people to that. But then, backing down isn’t something that the EU are very prone to, is it? Or maybe they are – perhaps that’s why they didn’t object too strongly when Portugal decriminalised cannabis ….

  3. Yes, there’s been an awful lot of misinformed hype about cannabis; much like tobacco, really, in that it’s agenda driven. The Dutch and Portuguese have had the good sense to take a pragmatic approach.

  4. I think the EU is probably fairly relaxed about cannabis laws – their fixation is with tobacco. Which I find most peculiar, since cannabis has just about all the same nasty carcinogens that we are told tobacco has (although pot-heads will try to deny it), and is also intoxicating and somewhat demotivating to boot, unlike tobacco, which is a mild mental performance enhancer with no intoxicating effects whatsoever.

    There’s no logic there at all. But then ‘logic’ and ‘Tobacco Control’ are oxymorons, and shouldn’t appear in the same sentence together anyway.

    I think that given the now general acceptance that CBD (one of the constituents of cannabis) has massive potential as a medication with very few adverse side effects, Greece would meet with no objections from the EU if they decided to go down that route. The question really is whether the Greek government has the courage to be a trailblazer in the mass production of something they’ve been implacably opposed to for decades.

  5. ‘The highlands of the Peloponnese have ideal conditions for growing high quality marijuana’

    As with opium production in Pakistan and Afghanistan, it would make a great deal of sense to produce a marketable crop which can be processed into very small loads for transportation in difficult country – at least if my white-knuckle memories of the roads in that region are correct.

  6. I haven’t driven in the Taygetos range for twenty years or so, so I don’t know if the roads have improved since then, but yes, white-knuckle indeed!

  7. It’s a great film and a great soundtrack.

    I’m not familiar with Pontic music, although I’ve heard it mentioned somewhere (I know not where). I just checked out YouTube and I’m listening to some now. Worthy of further investigation – thanks for the pointer!

  8. Dear God, you’d have to be stoned to listen to that Caterwauling! 😛

    (I can’t talk though, I have a taste for the sort of lederhosen slapping ‘Volk’ music that makes even Germans cringe.)…and there’s the French ‘apache’ dancing and my love of deeply swampy Cajun and Zydeco.

    Thank you for an entertaining and educational post, the afternoon has not been a complete waste.

  9. Fucking unbelievable, isn’t it? I hadn’t realised Indonesia was so draconian about weed. It’s not much better in Thailand. Sledgehammer to crack a nut approach. When I was first in Thailand, in 1971, loads of people used to smoke. I shared bongs with people just about everywhere I went. It was normal, it was accepted. But I guess the US influence kicked in, and they just about wiped out weed. So now, of course, all the kids are doing methamphetamine. It’s a massive problem. One wonders if YaBa (meth) would ever have caught on if all the kids were chilling out round a bong….

  10. “One wonders if YaBa (meth) would ever have caught on if all the kids were chilling out round a bong….”

    You know damn well that weed is a PROVEN GATEWAY DRUG to meth, crack, coke, speed and even CIGARETTES! FACT!

  11. Surely not even a hardened marijuana junkie could be tempted to start on a tobacco habit, could they? No-one is that reckless or suicidal, not even marijuana addicts.