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  1. Written in beautiful and elegant English, and all of it is SO TRUE! Well done! I agree 100 % with what you have written. Greetings from Bali (Indonesia)

  2. Thank you for your recount of recognizing the lies behind tobacco control’s project for the incremental prohibition of tobacco.

    It is strikingly similar to my realization that the antismoking movement and smoking bans are based on exaggeration and manipulation of data, suppression of dissent, all compounded by lies.

  3. in Greece, subject to the diktats from Brussels,

    That was, I feel, slightly disingenuous of you. You know as well as I…oh hold on, it is far too early in the morning for me to get all worked up about brexshitey slogans.

    What I did want to pick up on was this: “You never heard non-smokers complaining about the ‘stink’ of tobacco smoke”. I’m building a Memory Palace at the moment (do I need to tell you where you can stick any Cumberbatch comments?). Part of that ‘building’ process is recalling as much detail about my first flat in Germany, back in 1988, as I can. So last night I had the following , somewhat surreal, conversation with The Bestes But Anti-smokingness Frau In The Whole Widest World:

    Me.:” Dearest, Light Of My Life, do you recall what my flat smelt of? I recall I used to burn incense nicked from the local church but what other smells were there?”

    Her.:”Not a clue”..*thinks*..
    Me>:*also thinks and tries to recall*

    Me.: “Hold on! I always smoked in that one room flat! Upto 5 packs a day! Even after you moved in with me! I doubt it smelt of anything other than cigarettes!”

    Her.:*looks at me in total amazement* “You smoked in that tiny flat?!?!” *memory dawns*. “Yes you DID…all the time…weird how I never noticed it” (I should add that when I met her she truly believed smoking allowed demons to enter one’s soul and insisted I use mouth wash everytime before kissing her…infact I’m surprised she didn’t insist on my using Holy Water for mouth wash!)

    Me.: “Not that surprising, people..even rabid non-smokers such as you, just didn’t notice ‘the blue mist’ unless there was absolutely no ventilation and I , like most smokers, don’t like the smell of stale cigarette smoke, I would have always had a window/balcony door open”. People have been conditioned to NOTICE and be OFFENDED by smoke these days.

  4. Fragrant Memories
    Ladies’ Mirror, Volume 5, Issue 3, 1 September 1926

    Fragrant Memories

    Have you ever noticed how a sudden waft of perfume or the scent of some particular tobacco will conjure up memories of people and scenes you had thought almost forgotten ?

    There is nothing a woman should be more careful over than her choice of perfume.

    There’s a whole world of difference between bending over a bed of lilies-of-the-valley in the moonlight, and sitting next to a lily-of-the-valley scent-drenched woman in the train in the early morning.

    Regulate your perfume to time and place.

    [ … ]

    Are you the outdoor girl? Then hunt around until you find the scent that is fresh and clean, that suggests the heather, the wild flowers and the open air.

    If, however, you arc at your best in the evening amid music and soft lights, you should choose a more languorous scent that conjures up visions of the East.

    The girl who hears the name of some scented flower has the problem already solved.

    And one last but most important word of warning stale smoke never smells nice !
    So beware !

    A woman without a sweet scent is as incomplete as a beautiful flower without a perfume; but a scent sodden woman is like – well, words for a simile fail me!

  5. Ah, but in the case of Greece, it’s true. The packet disfigurement is thanks to the TPD – prior to its implementation, there were just printed warnings; and the troika demanded that Greece increase the tax on tobacco as part of the rafts of measures that had to be complied with before they’d release the next tranche. Those things both came from the EU, and were not the decisions of the Greek government.

    I’m not surprised at all that your other half doesn’t remember your place smelling of tobacco. It was just one of those normal household smells, like furniture polish or cooking smells.

  6. That puts me in mind of some years back when I was still living in the UK. My (now ex) wife was very much averse to certain perfumes, and on more than a couple of occasions when we went out to eat, we had to leave because someone sat at the next table reeking of some godawful flowery scent that they’d obviously tipped half a bottle of down their cleavage.

    Funnily enough, though, it never occurred to either myself or my wife to demand that perfume be banned in restaurants.

    I owe you an email, which I’ll get round to very soon. Please excuse my tardiness – it’s all been a bit frantic here the past month or so!

  7. troika demanded that Greece increase the tax on tobacco as part of the rafts of measures that had to be complied with before they’d release the next tranche

    In other words the Greeks had a choice? Maybe a hobson’s choice but that is not the same as ‘subject to diktats’. Their sovereign-whatever they had at the time- government had to agree…if only in passing. But if you know different then I will bow to your superior knowledge of the situation.

  8. Ha! Now you’re nitpicking, BD! All EU directives have to go through the incumbent government for ‘approval’. That doesn’t mean they really have any choice in the matter, it’s just window dressing to make it look like a democratic process.

    For some reason your comment went into moderation – perhaps because on this one you are commenting under ‘The Blocked Dwaf’? What’s a ‘Dwaf’, by the way?

  9. Unfortunately of such ‘nits’ is my forced de-citizenisation made-at the hands of frothy mouthed Brexitshiters who have looked at the pictures-I won’t say ‘read’- in the Daily Mail once too often. The same people, often, who have done their best to ‘de-normalise’ me. People incapable of understanding the different between ‘primacy over’ and ‘supremacy’ (another couple of ‘nits’).

    If you’d said ‘the Greek government was blackmailed or coerced’ into accepting Einheitspacks I would have agreed wholeheartedly with you. But your original remark indicated that a sovereign nation had been subject to the diktats of Brussels and that was, as you grudgingly admit, just not the case. Which is why of course there are so many differences regarding the smoking verbots etc across the EU.

    It doesn’t matter you put ‘approval’ in speech marks- the only reason the Greeks have Victory packs is because their own sovereign government shafted Greek smokers.

  10. Interesting! Thanks for those links – I just glanced at them now, but I’ll have a good look later.

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  12. No owing of emails;- I’ve been frantically busy too;-
    Never mind all that!
    We’ll catch up when we catch up… it’s all fine! ;=})